Sexy Beast

Sound clips from Sexy Beast

Stan: 8men…strong and very graphed, it’s going to take all night. Good boys, gotta be good boys. Reliable, positive attitude…it’s very important…very important. That’s what we’re looking for Don.

Don: I don’t give two fucks what Jackie big tits thinks about me coming back to. She can think what she fucking likes I got enough fucking information on her. It alright if she’s got a pretty face, that could all change…age changes that. If looking forward to seeing her when she’s 70. See if she still coming the cunt with a face like a wrinkled prune. No fucking way aitch will be gone by then.

Don: Dirty cow, Aitch knows fuck all about it. What she doing with him, lanky hunk of piss, fucking
Gal: He loves her Don.
Don: I’m tempted to tell him. During what we was doing, she tried to stick her finger up my bum. I almost hit the roof, you can imagine. What do you make of that gal, what do you make of a woman who’d want to do that?

Don: Have you ever been sexually assaulted? No, neither have I, until today…on that plane.
Spanish Official: What?
Don: Yeah, that’s what I said. There’s me putting my bag up in the cupboard next thing ya know, I feel hands on me. Someone’s touched me, touched my front…my front bottom. I can’t believe it, I’ve gone all cold. I look around, he standing there isn’t he? That steward with the guilty look on his face. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. I had to sit down, I was that perturbed. Then his mate, the other one who was giving us all lessons on what we do if we land in the sea. How to wear your life jacket etc; He starts off, he starts looking at my all funny…suggestive. Now I don’t know if they’re wanting me for a twosome or something, I don’t know how they work it. But I’ll tell you what, it scared me. I was shaking like a leaf, so without thinking I lit up a cigarette to calm me nerves. I was trembling, I was very emotional and that when all the rest of it happened. It’s very regrettable. Now, I don’t want to kick up a fuss, right, press charges…contact the british embassy. I’d rather not pursue those chanells, that’s not my style. I’m not that sort of a bloke. I don’t want the man to lose his job and I’m sure he’s not representive of all you spanish people. But I would appreciate it if you had a word with him, let him know he’s been rumbled.

Don: We’re looking at Saturday, but you’re needed in London this Friday.
Gal: It’s a Bit sudden isn’t it?
Don: Sudden, no it’s very far from sudden. Teddy’s been working on this for 5 months, Stan almost that long…I’ve been in on it for 2. It’s not sudden, preperation, preperation, preperation. As far as the actual job is concerned it’s a piece of piss, a monkey could do it. That’s why I thought of you.

Don: Not this time Gal, not this time. Not this fucking time. No no no no no no no no no. No. No no no no no no no no no no no. Not this fucking time. No fucking way. No fucking way. No fucking way. No fucking way. Maybe you look alrigt cunt.

Aitch: Well then girls, were fit.
Don: Where you going?
Aitch: I’m just taking the ladies out for something to eat. Let you two get to it.
Don: Well ain’t I invited?
Aitch: No Don. No no, of course you are Don. I thought you might want some time, talk about things.
Don: No, I’m joking. It’s alright. Here you are, I’ll get it.
Aitch: No, it’s alright Don no need for that.
Don: Aitch, behave I’m paying for your meal.
Aitch: Oh yes, that’s very kind of you Don. Very nice…very nice.
Don: Shut up.

Gal: Do you want to have a look around?
Don: I will in a minute when I have a piss.

Don: Ain’t you got nothing to say, you just gonna stand there like porky pig.

Man on Plane: Why don’t you just put the cigarrette out?
Don: What’s that Sancho? You want me to cut your hands off, use it as an ashtray. Yeah, I’ll put it out provided that your prepared to let me stomp it out on your eyeball. I’ll put it out, agreeable? No?

Gal: I’d be useless.
Don: Useless?
Gal: I would be.
Don: In what way?
Gal: In every fucking way.
Don: Why are you swearing? I’m not swearing.

Don: I gotta change my shirt, it’s sticking to me. I’m sweating like a cunt.

Don: Yes, you’re Mr. Roundtree.
Gal: No.
Don: Yes, Roundtree.
Gal: No.
Don: Yes, Grovenut.
Gal: No, Don.
Don: Friday.
Gal: I wont be there.
Don: You will.
Gal: No, Don.
Don: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!