Private Parts

Sound clips from Private Parts

PigVomit.wav (43K)
Kenny ‘Pig Vomit’ Rushton (Paul Giamatti): You God damn motherfuckers!

Moron.wav (11K)
Howard’s Father: Don’t be a moron!

ShutUp.wav (26K)
Howard’s Father: You’re a moron! Now shut up and sit still!

Hollywood.wav (242K)
Howard Stern: What the hell is she doing?
Fred Norris: I think she’s running a bath.
Howard: Oh my God she’s taking her clothes off.
Fred: Maybe she forgot to close the door.
Howard: She’s a Hollywood actress, they have allot on their mind.

Underwear.wav (202K)
Woman: If you leave your underwear on you can’t cheat. It’s just like going swimming.
Howard: I don’t know what it was, but she was starting to make allot of sense.

Cold.wav (289K)
Irene The Weather Girl: Its cold! Real cold! But your ass is gonna to be plenty hot when I give ya a good hard but whippin’.

WNBC.wav (64K)
Pig Vomit: The way its said properly is WNnnnnnnnnBC.

Willow.mp3 (198K)
[the match game: pussy willow]

DoodleDoo.mp3 (291K)
[the match game: cock a doodle doo]

Penis.wav (307K)
Howard: Roosevelt High School. Beautiful! A fully integrated educational institution. Which of course meant 6,000 black guys and me. And then I hit puberty. That made things worse, because my penis never got any bigger. I mean I was hung like a three year old. Hey seriously, these guys have rhinoceros penises. Huge! You know I’ve heard black men complain that they’re unfairly stereotyped… MAN, I’d love to have a stereotype like that!

Sex.mp3 (650K)
[Howard has sex on the air]

HSExperience.mp3 (154K)
[Howard Stern Experience]