Help & FAQ


Q: What program should I use to play the sound files on your site?
Winamp (free version) or Windows Media Player. Apple Quicktime also works.

Q: What should I do if I find a broken link or a “File Not Found” error on your site?
Contact me about the error so I can fix it. Thanks for your help.

Q: Whenever I click on a link to a .WAV I get an error message that says something like it can’t find the file, make sure the path and filename are correct. What’s up with that?
The link/bookmark/favorite that you use to get to Movie Sounds Central probably does not have an ending slash to it. I.e., it probably reads either “” or “”. You need to change the link to “” – that will fix your problem.

Q: Why do I see both .WAV and .MP3 files on your site?
I have converted many of the .WAV files to .MP3 to reduce Movie Sounds Central’s bandwidth usage. The .MP3 files are smaller in size without losing sound quality.

Q: How do I save these sound files?
If you’re a Windows user using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, etc, right-click on the link to the file and choose the “save” or “save target as” option. If you’re on a Macintosh, and you’ve actually got a two- or three-button mouse, you can right-click, too. Otherwise, Ctrl-click the link and choose the “save” option.

Q: You used to take requests. Do you still take requests?
Kind of/sort of/not really. Yes, I used to take requests, but I started receiving so much hate mail when I wouldn’t do some request that it just wasn’t worth the abuse. So… you can send in requests if you want, but please do not expect an immediate response. In fact, sometimes I may not respond at all, especially if it’s not something I have or can easily get. Don’t take offense, while I’d love to answer every e-mail, I’m just one guy and time constraints may prevent me from answering your e-mail in a timely fashion.