Sound clips from What About Bob?

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Dr. Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss): You think he's gone? He's not gone. That's the whole point. He's never gone!
Bob (Bill Murray): Is this some radical new therapy?
Dr. Marvin: You see!

Bob: What I'd really like to do, is put the greatness of this man in perspective. I think that there 's only 3 names...Dr. Albert Schweitzer, ah, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, probably, and...Leo Marvin.

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Bob: He actually had me stay here last night, in his jammies. Using his toothbrush, in his house. And I spent the day swimming & sailing with his family.

Dr. Catherine: Relax, Leo.
Dr. Marvin: I'm relaxed!
Dr. Catherine: Take a vacation.
Dr. Marvin: I'm on vacation!
Dr. Catherine: Maybe you should check in here for a few days, get a handle on things.

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