Sound clips from When Harry Met Sally

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Orgasm.mp3 (294K)
[Sally's (Meg Ryan) entire orgasm scene in the cafe]

Orgasm2.wav (450K)   Orgasm2.mp3 (164K)
[shorter version of the first orgasm sound clip (just the best part)]

Can'tBeFriends.mp3 (261K)
[Harry (Billy Crystal) explaining why men and women can't be friends]

SingleGuy.wav (408K)   SingleGuy.mp3 (149K)
[Harry explaining the life of a single guy]

Problem.wav (112K)
Harry: How long do you like to be held afterwards? All night right? See, that's the problem. Somewhere between thirty seconds and all night is your problem.
Sally: I don't have a problem
Harry: Yeah you do.

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