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Leonard: Just because there are things I don't remember, doesn't make my actions meaningless. The whole world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes does it?

Hotel Clerk: This was your room, but now you're in 304.
Leonard: When was I here?
Hotel Clerk: Last week, but then I rented you another room on top of it.
Leonard: Why?
Hotel Clerk: Business is slow, I mean, I told my boss about your condition, and stuff and he said, try and rent him another room.
Leonard: So how many rooms am I checked into in this shithole?
Hotel Clerk: Just 2, so far.
Leonard: Well, at least you're being honest about ripping me off.

Natalie: Must be tough living your life according to a couple of scraps of paper. You mix your laundry list with your grocery list and you end up eating your underwear for breakfast.

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Leonard: I have this condition.
Hotel Clerk: Condition?
Leonard: It's my memory.
Hotel Clerk: Amnesia?
Leonard: No, no, no, no. It's different from that. I have no short term memory. I know who I am, I know all about myself. I just, since my injury, I can't make new memories.

Leonard: If you have a piece of information which is vital, writing on your body instead of a piece of paper can be the answer. It's just a permanent way of keeping a note.

Teddy: You really wanna get this guy don't you?
Leonard: Killed my wife. He took my fucking memory.

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