Sound clips from Fargo

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Showalter: What the hell you doin', I'm bangin' that girl?

Showalter: I'm not going to debate you Jerry.
Jerry: Okay.
Showalter: I'm not going to sit here and debate.

Hooker: Well, the little guy, he was kind of funny looking.
Marge: In what way?
Hooker: I don't know. Just funny looking.

Customer: You lied to me Mr. Lundegard, you're a bald faced liar. A fucking liar.

Wade: What do you think they do there? They don't drink milk shakes I assure you.

Showalter: We can stop outside of Brainard, I know a place there we can get laid. What do ya think
Grimsdike: I'm fucking hungry now ya know.
Showalter: Ya ya, Jesus. I'm just staying we can stop, get pancakes then we'll get laid alright.

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Marge: Hon
Norm: Yah
Marge: Prowler needs a jump.

Showalter: Oh fuck it I don't have to talk to you either man, see how you like it. Just total fucking silence, two can play at that game smart guy. We'll just see how you like it, total silence.

Jerry: Okay. I'll do a damn lot count.
Marge: Sir, right now?
Jerry: Yah, right now. You're darn tootin.

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